Buying Old Stuff

I have a confession. Prior to 2 weeks ago, I'd never been to an antique shop, and prior to 2 days ago, I'd never been to a flea market. I mean, flea markets are right up there in the top 10 list of shit bloggers like, right? Anyway, the combination of our old house with the need to fill it with lots of furniture pieces that we don't have, I've jumped right on the antique/flea market bandwagon. And I've quickly learned (this is groundbreaking stuff, people) that you can find some really good deals on some really interesting things (shocking, right?!). Today, I'm sharing some peeks at items that have caught my eye, and very soon, I'll share pics of some of our purchases in their new home.

Buying Old Stuff 1

Buying Old Stuff 2

Both of these dining pieces were steals at City Mouse Country House in our hometown of Gallatin.

Buying Old Stuff 4
Buying Old Stuff 5
Buying Old Stuff 6
Buying Old Stuff 7
Buying Old Stuff 8

These were all items that piqued my interest at the Gas Lamp antique malls here in Nashville.

Buying Old Stuff 10
Buying Old Stuff 9
Buying Old Stuff 11
Buying Old Stuff 12

I only snapped a few pics at the Nashville Flea Market before my arms were filled with goodies.

Buying Old Stuff 13

And here I am with my awesome friends showing off our goods.

I can't be the only one that's new to the antiquing game, right? Are there any other newbies out there?

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