A Backyard Affair

I'm not sure with whom or why the idea first originated, but for about as long as I can remember, my parents and I had nurtured the idea of a wedding set in our backyard. Along the way, I had sort of dismissed it in my mind in favor of a more traditional church wedding, but as I've gotten older and attended wedding upon wedding, my preference has now swung back to a casual backyard wedding. Michael and I both want our wedding to be more or less a fun party for our friends and family. We're not particularly fancy or romantic people, and having an evening summer cookout in the backyard just seems to fit.

So, the decision has been made...It'll be a grand ole backyard wedding on a summer's night.

With that decision made, my parents promptly purchased the gazebo that was always prominently featured in the hypothetical weddings that my parents and I had discussed years ago. I've actually come to believe that my marriage is actually just one big excuse for my mom to finally get a gazebo. Either way, my parents now own a gazebo that will serve as the altar.

The reception will be anchored by a small red shed/barn that my parents have in the corner of the backyard.

So one of the hardest and most challenging decisions has been made. Easy enough.

Now, I get to plan all of the little details--the first of which is the lighting source. Because the largest part of the reception will be after dark, we're going to largely rely on candlelight and cafe and twinkle lights. Here are the photos that have most inspired me on that front:

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  1. I am pumped to hear all about the planning... knowing your creativeness I am sure its going to be awesome.


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