DIY Wrapped and Beaded Napkin Rings for OSBP

Wrapped Napkin Rings

Hi, friends! In case you missed it, I shared a tutorial over on Oh So Beautiful Paper last week for these black and white striped and beaded napkin rings. Check it out!

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DIY Painted Pillows for Etsy Blog

Fabric Paper Glue for Etsy

Hi, friends! I'm super excited to be contributing a tutorial to the Etsy blog this week. I'm showing you how to make painted pillows using 2 techniques - a little hand painting and some stamping. I love love love how these turned out, and the possibilities are practically - if not literally - endless. Find the full how-to here!

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A Craftcourse Summer

Crafting with Paper Ribbon at Hester & Cook
Crafting with Beyonce

Back in February, my friend Emily and I launched a little venture called Craftcourse to bring fun, crafty times to the ladies (and gentlemen, if so inclined) of Nashville. It seems that since that time my blogging has dropped off drastically. I've given some thought to why that might be (because it wasn't exactly a conscious or deliberate decision that I made), and I realized that what drove my love of DIY blogging was the constant need to be creating fun projects and trying new things.

Because we bring our crafty touch to every Craftcourse party/workshop - whether it be making the sample projects or creating crafty little favors for each event - I've found that Craftcourse sort of fulfills that need for me now. Of course, I don't think I'll ever be done with blogging completely, because I still love sharing certain stuff here and contributing to other great sites (as you'll continue to see).

So anyway, I wanted to share a few pics of some of the ridiculously fun stuff we've been doing with Craftcourse this summer to give you have a peek into what's keeping me so busy.


DIY Candy-Colored Trivets for OSBP

Last week, I shared a tutorial for a set of wooden trivets on Oh So Beautiful Paper - a super easy project with smile-inducing colors. Be sure to check it out!

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Home Tour on A Beautiful Mess

Hands down, my favorite DIY blog is A Beautiful Mess, which is why I'm so beyond excited to have had my home featured yesterday! If you've been around here long, you've seen plenty of pics of my house, but it's nice little full-on tour of the latest updates around the house -- including the new wallpaper in the laundry room! Check it out, won't you?

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