DIY Clay Cookie Drink Markers for OSBP

Happy Friday, everyone! The last week and a half has been straight-up crazy - full of Craftcourse party decorating, planning, and workshops. Super good crazy, though! Among it all, however, I found some time to bake up a batch of cookies for Oh So Beautiful Paper -- that is, fake cookie drink markers posing as the real thing. Hop over and check them out here.

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DIY Mystery Supply Challenge: Ornaments

Ornament Challenge 3
Ornament Challenge 5

You know, guys, sometimes projects just sort of flop, and sadly, I think this is one of 'em. Last week, I introduced you to the DIY Mystery Supply Challenge with a group of crafty bloggers among which I'm still not sure why I'm included. Totally grateful but totally "I'm-not-worthy" situation. Anyway, I wanted to keep it simple. There's enough going on this time of year that there's no reason to go making ornament-decorating too complicated, right? So, I kept it real simple. In person, they turned out modern, understated, and even delightful, but boy, they just don't want to be photographed.

I really wanted to try to give it another go to, you know, impress the shit out of you guys, but my life for the last few weeks has pretty much been consumed by creating this and it just didn't happen.

Really selling it, huh?

So after that convincing introduction, read on to see what I did.


Adore Magazine Double Feature!

Adore Magazine Dec/Jan 2015 Adore Magazine Annual Print

Adore Home Magazine - one of my favorite sources for home decor inspiration - has TWO new issues out right now, and I'm in both of 'em! The cover on the left is the December/January issue, and I'm sharing some of my favorite finds on page 22.

What's even cooler, however, is that Adore's very first annual print edition becomes available today! Sadly, you'll be hard-pressed to find it in the U.S., but if you happen to be in Australia, it's available for purchase at quite a few retailers and online here. Since it's not available around here yet, I can't resist sharing the pages featuring my workspace. Although these should look familiar to you, it's still pretty exciting to see them all laid out and magaziney.

Adore Magazine Features
Adore Magazine Features

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Make a Gift Bag Village on the Etsy Blog

This week, I'm sharing a fun gift wrap idea on the Etsy blog! I use plain kraft gift bags to create a whole Christmas village. Be sure to check it out here!

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DIY Mystery Supply Challenge: Materials

DIY Mystery Supply Challenge

Hey, friends. I'm dusting off the ole blog to participate in the DIY Mystery Supply Challenge! So, here's the deal: The 11 bloggers above have all been assigned the same project and a list of the same supplies. From there, we make whatever our creative little minds can dream up. Today marks the beginning of the first round of the Challenge and the holiday edition!

This week, I'm sharing our list of 'mystery' supplies, and next week, we'll all be back sharing our creations.


So here's what we've got: 1 pack of clear ornaments, 1 Sharpie paint pen, 1 bag of faux snow, and 1 roll of ribbon. Be sure to come back next Monday to see the three simple ornaments that I create with these supplies. What do you think I'll make?!

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