Bubble Bath Bash Alt Summit Mini Party

Bubble Bath Bash 00 by Sarah Deragon
Bubble Bath Bash 01 by Sarah Deragon Party sponsored by Joann. Unless otherwise noted, all photos by the amazing Sarah Deragon.

This last week, I went to my third (!) Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, but this particular Alt experience definitely wins out over my previous ones because I had the amazing opportunity to co-host one of the Friday night mini parties with my friends Jessica from Oh So ANTSY and Nic from The Roc Shop. I'm not sure I love many things more than decorating and throwing a good party.

Bubble Bath Bash 02 by Sarah Deragon

Back in October, Alt offered up the opportunity for folks to pitch party ideas for a chance to win a ticket to the conference and to co-host a Joann-sponsored mini party. Jessica, who I met at Alt last year, and I teamed up to submit our "Bubble Bath Bash" idea. A little weird? Yes. But we had a vision. You can check out our submission photo here. We were actually pretty shocked to find out that we won a spot and completely thrilled to bring it to life this last week.

Bubble Bath Bash 03 by Sarah Deragon
Bubble Bath Bash 04 by Sarah Deragon

Our vision was pretty simple: balloons, balloons, and more balloons. We inflated more than 700 balloons, and added in about 20 pounds of pillow fill from Joann for accents of "soap foam" around and on the furniture.

Not gonna lie, it was a lot of work, and if we had our druthers (i.e. more time), we might've inflated another 500 balloons just to drive the point home. Who knew you needed so many balloons to make a statement?!

Bubble Bath Bash 05 by Sarah Deragon
Bubble Bath Bash 06 by Sarah Deragon

We had a DIY station for folks to mix up their own bath teas using Himalayan pink salt, epsom salt, jasmine green tea, lavender, and red rose petals. You can find a tutorial for making your own on Jessica's blog here. We used vases, sachets, and cork-top bottles from Joann for display and packaging. Our logo was created by Nic.

Bubble Bath Bash 07 by Sarah Deragon

Nic and The Roc Shop created all the amazing acrylic signage, which made for great photo props.

Read on for a few more pics of our pretty little party in action.

Bubble Bath Bash 08 by Brooke Dennis
Photo by Brooke Dennis
Bubble Bath Bash 09 by Brooke Dennis
Photo by Brooke Dennis
Bubble Bath Bash 09 by Brooke Dennis
Photo by Brooke Dennis
Bubble Bath Bash 11 by Justin Hackworth
Photo by Justin Hackworth.
Bubble Bath Bash 12 by Justin Hackworth Photography
Photo by Justin Hackworth.
Bubble Bath Bash 13 by Brooke Dennis
Photo by Brooke Dennis

I'll leave you with a couple more photos of the Bubble Bath Bash team, because I just had so much fun working with these incredibly talented ladies.

Bubble Bath Bash 14 by Sarah Deragon
Bubble Bath Bash 15 by Sarah Deragon

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  1. Mandy this looks like so much fun! I love the dreamy creamy color palate. Congratulations on pulling it all together and blowing up all of those balloons!

  2. This is amazing! I would love to be in a room (especially a room at ALT) with this many balloons. Awesome job!

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  5. The party venue looks so elegant. Balloons really make a party full of life.

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