5-Minute Project

It's snowing outside, and I'm feeling under the weather. In order to rescue myself, at least for a moment, from falling into the trap of a full day of WeTV's My Fair Wedding (which is both addictive and anger-inducing), I thought I'd share a super simple project that I did last weekend.

Michael had been asking me to come up with a way for him to have easy access to the cocktail recipes that he uses the most. I immediately thought of
this project featured on my favorite blog Young House Love.

This was my palette:

And these were my tools:

So, in about 5 minutes, I had a cork board for Michael to easily store and access his most used recipes.

In fact, it was so easy that I put one up in the cabinet by the refrigerator to store coupons, invitations, etc., that would normally clutter up the fridge doors.

Couldn't have been easier!


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