Engagement Pics - Part 1

Much to the chagrin of Michael, we got engagement pictures taken while we were home for the holidays. My following of wedding blogs, which often feature engagement shoots, left me with some pretty strong preferences for what I wanted our pictures to feel like. I wanted a bit of a vintage feel, but I also wanted to feature a backdrop that was decidedly Nashville since we live in DC but have a dear fondness for our college town.

Well, our photographer--and my friend--Betsy Limbaugh (website and blog) delivered! She achieved the look I was hoping to get all while making us look as unawkward as is possible for the two of us. Michael even admitted that the whole experience wasn't nearly as painful as he'd imagined. We were able to check off the Nashville landmark by shooting primarily in Printer's Alley, and I think it turned out to be a great backdrop.

The following are just the sneak peeks that she has shared with us thus far, so you can be sure that I will post more when I get them.


  1. they are sooo good!! i cant wait to see the rest!

  2. by the way, have you guys set the date?

  3. So, is your Save the Date going to be the one of you guys on the step and say, "Save the Date, We're Taking the Next Step!"?


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