My Wedding Muse

Other than the sneak peek from a couple of days ago and the engagement photos, I've sort of been silent on the wedding plans for a bit. This is mostly because I've been so ahead of the ball. Seriously, I did so much inspiration-gathering and planning before we were actually engaged (yeah, I'm that girl), that I'm almost TOO ahead of schedule. I figured I better slow down a little here on the blog or I might give it all away to soon.

I also started getting self-conscious that I might build expectations too high for the wedding and end up disappointing people. Regardless, I've decided to forge ahead. I figure that there are plenty of details that I can share without giving away the whole cart, if you will.

So, without further ado, here are my wedding colors:

To be honest, it's a little misleading to whittle my whole wedding decor down to these three colors because it's really going to be a whole color explosion all inspired by my absolute favorite fabrics in the whole wide world. I think it's safe to say that I'm obsessed with fabric. If I were a poet, I would most definitely write a volume of odes to fabric. Some fabrics are just so fun and vibrant that they can literally change my mood. Unfortunately, I am not yet confident in my ability to mix fabrics in my home. One day, I will achieve that boho chic look that Anthropologie seems to achieve so well.

Until then, I have my wedding! The Good Folks line of fabric by Anna Maria Horner has been my wedding muse. I'm not using every last one for the wedding...for example, not so many of the pink ones. Regardless, I dare you to tell me that these fabrics don't make you feel a little happier just looking at them.


  1. good folks was one of the first fabric collections that truly inspired me to begin a stash and start sewing! what little of it i have is put aside for a special project... looove that it is your inspiration!
    just mailed the book an hour ago... sorry for the lateness!

  2. I love the colors!!! And all the patterns at the end of the post. I can't wait!

  3. i was wondering why we never get to hear anything about the wedding! haha! i love the idea of using fun fabrics instead of just plain colors.


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