Print, Cut, Punch, Assemble, Repeat

In all the projects that I've undertaken in preparation for the wedding, the one that may ultimately be the most time-consuming is the programs, which is actually quite surprising.  Programs seem to be the one wedding item that even the least craft-savvy people DIY for their wedding days.  I will admit that I think I have made this task out to be much more complicated than it needed to be.  Naturally, I just couldn't settle for your standard book-fold program.  I just had to take it the next level....with rounded corners.

I began by finding a few programs whose construction intrigued me...

Source: Hello Tenfold via Merriment

Using the same methods I employed for both the save-the-dates and the invitations, I took my inspiration, made it my own, and designed the program in Microsoft Word.  What followed (and continues to follow...) is hours of printing, cutting, punching, and assembling, but I honestly think that it's totally worth it.  I think they're adorable, and (bonus!) if it's hot, they work as fans!


  1. O.M.G. pictures will be taken of those.

  2. I love them. I especially love the fan concept, because I am NOT ready for that southern humidity.

  3. Too Cute!!! It is sooo close!

    Ps... What will you do with all your free time once this wedding is over??? Start a wedding business??

  4. love these! if you dont mind sharing... what are the size measurements of these?

  5. I think they ended up being like 4" x 2.5".


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