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This weekend, we took on a project to both squeeze yet more usage out of our limited square footageand to improve my posture.  If you'll recall from previous posts, my sewing space isn't exactly ideal.  I sew on the coffee table, which--when combined with doing all of my ironing and cutting on the living room floor--was slowly but surely turning me into a hunchback.

I've been doing tons more sewing recently, which has been a stark reminder of just how un-ideal my sewing situation is--not to mention the fact that I'd love to get a new coffee table at some point in the not-too-distant future.  Unless I go with another clunkin' piece of mdf like our current Ikea table, any future coffee tables are not likely to withstand the weight of what I can only assume is a 100% lead sewing machine.  So prior to the holidays, I set out on a mission to make my sewing situation more sustainable.  In the end, Michael and I decided that we simply had no spare square footage to sacrifice on a permanent basis to a new desk.  Thankfully, the internets led me to this gem...a murphy desk -- what a novel idea!

We finally found the time this weekend to install it.  Despite some of the reviews on Overstock by some customers that I can only assume have never used a screwdriver, it was super simple to install, so in about 15 minutes we from this...


...to this...


...which converts to this...


Once I filled the nooks, crannies, and cubbies with all my sewing goodies, I really, truly felt like I'd suddently gotten my own little sewing room.


And to further prove its practicality, check out the view of the TV from the couch should I choose to sew when Michael wants to watch TV (which indeed happened last night)...  Not so bad, huh?


I don't want to go on too much about it because well, it is just a piece of furniture...and a terribly practical one at that, but to me, it's kind of amazing.  I gave it a try last night, and it honestly kind of felt weird how not painful it was to be sewing and how I could actually see the seams I was making.  Crazy, huh?




  1. Love it! Enjoy your new space! :)

  2. How neat! I'm glad you won't be hurting your back anymore.

  3. loving the murphy desk... it is perfect for your space!!!

  4. Awesome, I love it! We have an ongoing situation where my sewing stuff takes over most of Lawson's desk (which is next to my very small sewing table)... then he moves it off, then I put it back on...

  5. Love your new space! That may actually be the solution I have been looking for! All of my clay action consumes my kitchen.

  6. That's a perfect solution! Good for you...my goal for the day is to get my office area converted into a craft one as well.

  7. I love this desk!! where did you get it?

    1. Thanks. I got it from Overstock.com years ago.


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