Try Not to Think Less of Me

Let me just begin by saying that this probably does not warrant a post, but this was a project that was a long time coming.  It's unfortunate too that I put it off for so long, because in the end, it only took me about 5-10 minutes from start to finish.

A couple of years ago, USA Today did an article about showerheads and how they can harbor disease.  I distinctly remember when this article was published, because I seriously thought that if there were ever a showerhead that harbored disease, it was ours. 

I am ashamed, but this is an actual picture of our showerhead...from TODAY!  I had honestly tried everything to get this sucker clean, but I never figured out how to get that plastic guard off, which made it absolutely impossible to sanitize.


After finding an online tutorial and employing the very minimal tools required for changing a showerhead...


It took me no time at all to install this beautiful, clean, disease-free showerhead!


...to which Michael said, "Nicely done, handy Mandy," and I've gotta say...I love that nickname.

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  1. And, now I have the song from Handy Manny stuck in my head. Thanks. And well done. :)

  2. Think less of you? For serious? You've inspired me to get a new shiny showerhead!

  3. Me too... I'm jealous! I always stroll the showerhead section at target... now you probably think less of me... yikes.


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