Shower Details - Baby Quilts

Of course, I had to make Sarah a quilt for baby Brooks!

Because I am so enamored by Eleanor Grosch's Zoo Menagerie (which was actually the inspiration for Sarah's whole shower), I made two quilts at once--one for Sarah and one for my friend Sabrina, who is due in July (Side Note: Both babies are boys, but I'm noticing now that I made both quilts from the "girl palette"...oopsie!).  I purchased all of the fabric and began cutting into it without any real plan, which is arguably pretty stupid.  Thankfully, it worked out well. 

I began with a stack of hundreds of triangles and ended up with two very different quilts, both of which I love, love, LOVE.
Sarah's Quilt

Sabrina's Quilt



  1. I love love love mine! It is bright and fun and very well made my friend! Thanks a million!

  2. Those are beautiful - and they don't look super girly. What a wonderful gift!

  3. They are so much fun! I love the bright, fun colors.

  4. I love Eleanor Grosch. Those quilts look great! I'm sure the mommies loved them and the babies will learn to make animal noises with them.


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