Too Many Gallery Walls?


I flag a lot of ideas for my home (both current and future)--a lot of ideas that I don't find the time, money, space, or wherewithall to actually execute, but when I saw this one from Martha Stewart, I was ready to move forward:

There really wasn't much creativity to this project.  I picked up six frames from Ikea and ordered the very same set of mats used in the Martha Stewart photo (available here).  I relentlessly searched around to see if I could get a set a little cheaper, but this set really is the cheapest so if you're going to do this, save your time. 

Then, I picked out some photos.  I tried to pick out some arty ones.  Of the six photos, four are wedding-related, but what can I say, they are by far the best quality photos that I have on hand and obviously encompass some pretty awesome memories.  I converted them to black and white, and just printed them off here at home. 

Photo for the FoyerPhoto for the FoyerPhoto for the FoyerPhoto for the FoyerPhoto for the FoyerPhoto for the Foyer
Photo Credits: personal photo, personal photo, all others by betsy limbaugh photography

Finally, I put it all together and hung it in our foyer.  I don't have a picture of what was going on in there before, but I had a wooden sunburst mirror on the wall.  Here is the poorly lighted, poorly photographed, full-of-glare after:


This brings the gallery wall tally to three...
Living Room Gallery Wall

In other news, despite Pete's adorable new bed, he still prefers the most ridiculous sleeping spots.  For the past five days, when we've not been able to find Pete he's often curled up in this grocery bag...



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  1. Love it. I need to get more photos on display and this seems perfect. Usually when we cant' find the cat, he's sleeping in my boyfriend's closet, in the laundry basket. Our attempts at getting him to sleep on a cat bed have been futile :)


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