Classin' Up the Kitchen

Last weekend, Michael went out of town for -- get this -- a bachelor weekend-of-sorts for his friend who is about to have a baby (yeah, I know, don't even get me started on how ridiculous this concept is).  While he was away, I did a change up in the kitchen.  Michael fears change and has very little tolerance for disarray (which is not to say that he is super neat).  I figured the best way for a kitchen paint job to go down was to just make it happen in his absense such that he neither had to see the change take place nor experience the mess necessary to get the deed done.

I'd been considering a paint change for quite some time now.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the green, but there was always something about it that made it feel a bit juvenile -- even garish -- to me.  Maybe because of the shear fact that it photographed so horribly.  The glossy finish wasn't really doing it any favors, either.


After much consideration and pinning, I landed on grey.  It's admittedly a departure from the bright color we had lived with for nearly 4 years now, but the time was right.  And I thought it might make all my colorful kitchenware stand out all the more.  Here's some of my inspiration (you can check out more inspiration and the other options I considered -- including Grey, Blue, and Green -- on Pinterest):

Grey Kitchens
Clockwise from Top Right: Source, Source, Source, Source

I ended up going with Rhino from Behr, and I've got to say...I am completely in love.  I also went with a flat paint this time around, and I think it made a huge difference.  The walls look so much smoother -- almost velvety.  I get that they're less stain resistent, but I don't mind a touch up every now and then.  And finally, I went with the paint + primer in one, and it was ah-mazing.  Seriously, one coat and done. 
New Grey KitchenNew Grey KitchenDSC02432New Grey KitchenNew Grey KitchenNew Grey KitchenNew Grey KitchenNew Grey Kitchen



  1. Love!! I recently painted my family room gray and love it too!

  2. The grey looks really calming. :)

  3. Yes, it helps bring out the other colorful things in the kitchen. I painted my home office/craft nook gray this past spring and love it.

  4. I love it. And way to get it done on your own!!!

  5. love it! I am a huge fan of grey walls (have them in theliving room, dining room, bedroom, mancave, etc..)
    I love your choice and I ALWAYS do it when Matt's out of town... that way he doesn't breathe down my neck about the havoc I'm creating...

  6. it looks awesome! all the colorful stuff really does pop now too! i almost went with the grey theme in the nursery.

  7. Aww your yellow kitchenaid makes me happy~ I have the same exact one but I feel bad I keep 'er covered up most of the time due to our blue countertops, and orange & green tile backsplash (seriously, blegh!) but once we re-do our space, she'll be the shining star like yours!


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