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Several months back, my friend Jamie asked for my advice on how to decorate her guest bedroom, which features an antique bed with a high, ornate headboard.  In tracking down inspiration, what kept catching my eye was bedside artwork -- art on or just above bedside tables.  You can check out my Pinterest board dedicated to the subject here.  Bedside artwork is usually paired with high, ornate headboards, four-poster beds, or something simple like a mirror hanging over the bed.  Here are some of my favorites:
Bedside Artwork

Despite these "rules" of bedside art, I declared, "It shall be mine!"  Plus I thought it would be a good way to hide the cords to our bedside lights.  And, an extra bonus...it is a way to add interest to our bedside tables that is impervious to 3am feline interference (i.e. swat, swat, crash). 

So, here we are sans-artwork:
A trip to Marshall's scored me two absolutely perfect long, narrow white frames at $5.99 each.  Seriously.  Score.  And then some free, print-at-home artwork thanks to The Botanical Magazine, available for free here.  Despite not following the "rules" on this one, I'm a fan...
Bedside Art 1
Bedside Art 2
You'll notice I got rid of my gallery wall by the window to cut down on the busyness of too much artwork.
Bedside Art 3
Bedside Art 4Bedside Art 5
Bedside Art 6

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  1. Love it!!!! (all those exclamation points are necessary). Now my wheels are turning... I like the inspiration, but I really like how yours turned out with the botanical prints.


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