Zardoz Piñata

Has anyone ever seen Zardoz?  If you've never seen this movie, I'm not sure how much you can fully appreciate the ridiculousness of this project.  Basically, the movie features a scantily-clad Sean Connery jaunting around in a post-apocalyptic, yet oh-so-psychedelic world of-sorts.  It's ridiculous.

Exhibit A:

It's been labeled "The Worst Movie of All Time" by more than one internet source.  There's even a drinking game that requires you to drink at such sightings as a floating disembodied head, a special effect you could recreate in your own home, and boobs.  Let's just say that following the rules of the game would get you wasted.  Alright, I think you get it.

Anyway, I'm not sure that I should admit this on the world wide web, but for some reason or another, my coworkers and I believed this movie (having never seen it ) would be a hilarious opportunity for some extracurricular bonding.  Yeah, my coworkers and I watched this movie together.  It was both traumatizing and bond-cementing.

Fast forward several months, and my boss is leaving us for bigger and better things.  Another long story, but the occasion calls for a piñata.  Not only does it call for a piñata, but I have been looking for an occasion to make a piñata after drooling over the creations of Confetti System and following the lovely tutorials on Oh Happy Day.
Source: Confetti System via Mandy on Pinterest 
Source: Oh Happy Day via Mandy on Pinterest
You know what this means, right?  Zardoz piñata, of course!  Look at this guy.  He's just begging to be piñatatized (yes, that's a word).

So, I followed the easier-than-you-would-expect instructions provided by Jordan on Oh Happy Day, and check out this bad boy.

Zardoz PinataZardoz PinataZardoz Pinata

And look, the mouth opens!  Not only is this super convenient, but if you've seen the movie, you'll understand why this is oh-so relevant.

Zardoz Pinata
And since this project was, in large part, instigated by the inspirational projects and creations that I pinned over on Pinterest, I'm linking up to the Fall Pinterest Challenge co-hosted by House of Earnest, Young House Love, Bower Power, and Ana White.  Yay.



  1. Possible Spoiler Alert: Is that the movie where he has to choose between the dog and the girlfriend at the end?

  2. No, I don't think that's the right movie. I just read the IMDB summary. One of these days I'll figure out what that movie was, hopefully.

  3. i have not seen this movie, but now i want to. yes, you've totally sold it. but! the pinata is still awesome, even without the context.

    one time my dad and i made a pinata for a christmas party (i think? that seems like a weird activity for a christmas party) and it took FOREVER (using paper mache) and then the first swing a little kid took broke it to pieces. sad.

    your workplace sounds so fun!

  4. Yes, I have seen this movie! I would just like to say I've seen plenty of worse movies. There just are too many close-up shots of Sean Connery's leg-hair-meets-loincloth for my taste. Your pinata is inspired!

  5. haha - this movie is hilarious, and your little pinata is much cuter than anything in the film !

  6. Mandy, you are crazy awesome. Your Zardoz looked a lot like this: http://tinyurl.com/3scd7gg (which would also make an amazing pinata!)


  7. I have seen this movie, and it is fantastically insane!! Your pinata has me CRACKING up over here!!

  8. Super funny post! I love the random connection between this obviously awesome movie and pinatas. Great job with your project.


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