Fabric Paper Glue v.2012.5

Fabric Paper Glue v2012.5: OFFICE SPACES
Fabric: Doesn't this office space make you want to perch yourself on that little stool and sketch out rainbows and butterflies?  There are many stars here (e.g. I spy an Anna Maria Horner rug...sigh) not the least of which are those fun curtains.  
Paper: I love the idea of a closet office space.  I've seen it over and over again as a small space solution (although I would vehemently argue that it is a moderate space solution as I am willing to give up zero of my closet space in our small condo).  And the fun wallpaper from Graham & Brown is doing more than its fair share of the work to make this space bright and fun.  
Glue:  Those decoupaged clipboards...what an impactful, cheap, easy way to spruce up (and organize) a small office space.  Get on it.
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  1. I'm like you with the closet. It is hard to imagine a time in my life where I will give up closet space. Doesn't it stand to reason that if my house is big enough that I don't need the storage, that it probably is big enough for me to put an office in somewhere.
    I love having the doors as huge accessible bulletin boards, though.


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