A Fabric & A Font

No miscellaneous missive this week.  Recognizing that many of you have no idea what I do for an actual living, I've taken on a new portfolio at work, and the extra hours that has involved combined with what are likely related tension headaches and my battle with allergies has meant that I've posted zero photos to Instagram this week and had no time whatsoever to identify my favorite things around the web this week.

However...yesterday, I mentioned my insistence that cohesive party decor begins with a fabric and a font.  This off-hand thought set off a light bulb, thus a bit of party inspiration for you...
a fabric: Washi Tape - Triangulo Charcoal by Rashida Coleman-Hale available from Pink Chalk Fabrics
a font: Euphorigenic available from Dafont
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  1. Hi there!

    I wanted to let you know that my sister and I gave you the Liebster Blog Award. We recently came across your blog and look forward to your inspiring, colorful posts!


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