Fabric Paper Glue: v. 2012.8

12.8 Butcherblock

Fabric Paper Glue v. 2012.8: BUTCHERBLOCK COUNTERS
I love butcherblock countertops. I'm considering them pretty hard as the eventual replacement for our current laminate tops.   Often, I think people have a fairly specific vision of the kind of kitchen these countertops belong in, but I've noticed them recently in a more and more diverse settings.

Fabric: This kitchen is light, airy, and feminine--featuring what I am pretty sure is Cath Kidston fabrics and details. Not necessarily my style, but I can definitely appreciate it.
Paper: I could seriously gush over this kitchen.  That green butcherblock-topped island.  The blue wallpaper.  Those crystal chandaliers.  Seriously glamorous.

Glow:  In what looks like an otherwise traditional kitchen, a gorgeous stained glass windown gives off a beautiful glow and adds something totally unexpected.
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