Fabric Paper Glue: v. 2012.9

12.9 Living Rooms

Fabric Paper Glue v.2012.9

Fabric: There are so many beautiful textiles going on in this small space, and I love them all!  And how amazing is the combination of super masculine materials like the raw stone with the super feminine ones like that crystal chandelier?!
Houzz via Riehl Designs

Paper:  This wallpaper is so bold and so fantastic.  It's already a bright color, but pops even more when paired with those bold red couches.
Houzz via Horchow

View:  Oh, man.  Look at those windows! This is another one that combines masculine and feminine in a way that looks so relaxing and cozy.  Those sooden beams and yellow couch with an impactful chandelier and a fuchsia rug.  I would have never thought of it myself, but I love it.
Houzz via O Interior Design

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