Rebecca and Andrew's Wedding

Last week, I shared my friend Rebecca's Amelie-themed bachelorette party in Memphis.  Now, I'm here to share her lovely wedding, full of fun handmade details.  This wedding was truly a group effort.  I made many of the decorative details.  Her friend and amazing photographer Justin Wright captured the day on camera, and her other friend Britta even made her dress! 

Rebecca and Andrew are an amazing, big-hearted, badass couple.  I mean, look at them.  They're going to live in a freakin' Airstream that Andrew rehabbed himself (read all about it here). 


Paper Installation 3
Paper Installation 2
Brooch Bouquet 1
Centerpieces 2

The DIY Backstory: Rebecca immediately knew where she wanted to start with her decor: this birch tree fabric that I used months back for one of my clutch purses.  We pretty much ordered up all of this fabric that was to be found online.  Then I used it to make pockets for the programs, centerpieces, hair clips for the bridesmaids, bunting, and even a little clutch purse for the bride.  All of it fit nicely in a box for me to ship to Memphis:
Wedding in a Box

Inspired by this installation from Ruffled, we added a bit of emphasis to the altar area in the otherwise sparse (but awesome) ceremony space using some chicken wire and printer paper.  A few in-progress shots for you...
IMG_1769IMG_1776sculpture 1

We also made all the flowers and bouquets.  She ordered ranunculus and hyacinth berries from an online wholesaler, and our friends Sheena and Jocelyn, her sister Charlotte, and I whipped up some simple, loose bridesmaids bouquets.  We used these same flowers, along with some rosemary from Andrew's backyard, to fill various jars and vases for the centerpieces - many of which were recycled from my wedding (yay for efficient use of party decor!).  Here's Rebecca trimming the flowers just moments before cutting the crap out of her finger with that enormous knife (despite my fervent and frequent warnings).


The brooch bouquet was probably my favorite project, the process for which I completely failed to photograph.   She collected brooches from family members, thrift stores, and even her bridesmaids.  We basically wired each brooch onto a sturdy wire floral stem, and then built it stem by stem starting with the largest brooches and adding in the smaller ones at the end to fill the holes.  Because this sucker is surprisingly heavy, the key was really wrapping the bouquet in floral tape along the way, basically wrapping it each time we added 2 to 3 stems to the bouquet.  I love how it turned out, and we even ended up with enough extra brooches to add one to each of the bridesmaids bouquets.

It was such a lovely day, and I was honored to be a part of it.
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  1. Whoa I had no idea Britta made the dress! That is amazing!

  2. It was so beautiful, and so Rebecca. You all did a great job!


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