More Styling Inaneness

Have I mentioned how much I hate styling?  And how mediocre I am at it?  Ugh.  Anyway, I've been struggling with our round coffee table since we got it.  I posed this question back when I shared shots of our new couch, and I got some helpful feedback.  Erin from Olive Our House shared with me her 'quadrant' approach (seen here).  My middle school computer teacher even reached out with some inspiration -- a lovely picture of her daughter's living room with a round coffee table.  With this and some other internetting around, I felt inspired.  Using stuff I already owned, I came up with these set-ups:
Quadrants.  Woah.  Too much.  Yet, not enough.  
Coffee Table Styling Attempt 5

More quadrants.  This combination of items just makes no sense to my brain. 
Coffee Table Styling Attempt 2

This sort of works for me.  But what's with the askew-ness?  No idea.  I was trying to be creative, but the tray seems too big...   
Coffee Table Styling Attempt 1

...So maybe something smaller.  But still, what's with the angle there?
Coffee Table Styling Attempt 3

Back to the tray.  Minus the askew.  I don't mind this, but I just kept thinking that I needed something round and with some height.  And color. 
Coffee Table Styling Attempt 4

Off to Home Goods I went searching for something round.  And, by God, I found it.  It's round.  It's just the right height.  It's colorful.  It's impervious to Pete's swat.  And it's ironic (I'm allergic to apples).

What do you think? Oh, and yeah, those books are covered in decorative paper, which I swore in my last styling post was a line I drew.  In my defense, I covered these a long time ago, and I like to think that the glue on the wallpaper is the reason that Pete doesn't gnaw on them as he is wont to do to books.

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  1. looks good! i'm jealous of the amount of trays you have. i've been meaning to re-do my mantle for about a year now but i seriously hate "styling" things too.

    also, i think our cats are kindred spirits. and by kindred spirits, i mean, dumb cats that eat/break everything in sight. (sorry pete, i really just mean simba is dumb)

  2. I love those trays. Your round coffee table is also nice. I think it's better if you retain the smaller tray on the table rather than the bigger one. It will surely make the table more spacious.

    Contemporary Coffee Tables

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