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As I discussed in Monday's post, I feel pretty good about aging, but I've got to say that I felt every bit of my 29 years on a last minute trip that I took with my friend Megan to Dewey Beach, DE this last weekend.  Megan rented a share in a house for part of the summer, and her moniker for the house couldn't be more dead on: Real World - Dewey Beach.  Bros and house music and drama as far as the eye could see.  I'm talkin' Bud Light cans in the shower, cases of Natty Light, and handles of Fireball and Fruit Loops Vodka for everyone!  Whew. Seriously, though, it wasn't too bad, and I got plenty of stories out of it and that delicious beauty above -- gravy on top of cheese on top of eggs on top of sausage on top of potatoes on top of biscuits.  Delicious.  And low calorie!

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