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Things are cray cray right now (yeah, I use the term cray-cray...ironically, but I use it nonetheless).  We went to the beach last weekend (see obligatory sunglass-clad couple pic above), but that really cut into my DIYing-by-daylight time, so this week was dedicated to this new ridiculous form of DIYing where I do one step of like five projects each night, and then photograph the step in the 15 minutes of daylight I catch between when I get ready and when I walk out the door for work.  It makes no sense. I can't wait to try to organize those photos.  You should see the number of unread posts in my Google reader. Regardless, I've been able to fit in some fine DC Restaurant Week dinners and identified a few noteworthy things from around the blogsphere, including--
  • I keep thinking chalkboards will go the way of the passing fad, but I just keep seeing them used in such appealing ways.  
  • This circus ticket pillow pattern and tutorial from How Joyful is pretty adorable.
  • The things that Maggie of The Freckled Citizen said about me on her blog this week were down right slanderous. No, but seriously, I'm still blushing.
  • This colorblock push pin DIY from Erin of House of Earnest is so freakin' simple but so freakin' adorable.  I mean, if there's one thing you should know about me from this blog it's that I love myself some colorblocking (see this week's tutorial).  
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  1. I love looking at your favorite posts from around the web. There's so much out there, and I feel like you are much more acquainted than I am. Hope you can rest and craft this weekend!

  2. It sounds like you are good busy. I use the word cray sometimes too. It obviously does not fit my identity.
    I am with you on the chalkboard thing. I keep thinking they will become passe, but the trend seems to be sticking, which makes it not a trend. I like it!


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