Catharsis for the Conspicuous Consumer: Brass Figurines

This week, I have visions of acquiring my own little brass menagerie.  Like many of my product round-ups, I don't have the room for such things (thus the need for a good, cathartic round-up).    

I think my favorite is that grasshopper sittin' pretty in the #1 slot.  Which one do you like?  Or do you hate brass?  Or figurines?  Or, heaven forbid, both?!
Brass Figurines
ONE: Grasshopper Figurine from Etsy seller The Mongoose Store, $68
TWO: Cat Figurines from Etsy seller The Glass Lily, $22
THREE: Deer Figurine from Etsy seller Beauty Found, $48
FOUR: Crane Figurine from Etsy seller VINTAGENIUS, $11
FIVE: Fishermen Figurines from Etsy seller Lucky Little Dot, $22
SIX: Petite Mouse Figurine from Etsy seller The White Pepper, $17
SEVEN: Whale Paperweight from Etsy seller Great Taste and No Space, $10
EIGHT: Grecian Horse Candleholders from Etsy seller ModRendition, $85
NINE: Pig Figurines from Etsy seller Dewy Morning Vintage, $34

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  1. i'm a little anti-figurine, since i hate clutter and all that. but NO ONE can resist that grasshopper.

  2. I like that little whale! So cute and simple!

  3. Love this post! I have a little collection of brass figurines but I love the whale! And the pig! and the grasshopper!

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  5. I love the kitties! But alas, figurines would be "lost" (or thrown out while I was out) in my house lol


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