Guest Post // Try This: Greek Key Napkin Rings by The Book Hooker

While I am off having adventures in Japan, I have asked some of my friends to help me out by bringing you some fun projects and cocktails.  Today's post is from Jocelyn of The Book Hooker.

The Book Hooker

Jocelyn is a PhD student, writer, reader, and freelance editor.  She explores all sorts of fun, random, brainy things on her blog.  Sometimes it's the origin of common sayings.  Sometimes it's a little party plannin'. Sometimes it's her take on an iconic figure.  She may not always show it on her blog, but she's also pretty darn crafty.  And I know for a fact that it's in her genes, because I've seen with my own two eyes the crafter's dream that is her mother's card-making supply closet.  Sigh.  

Enjoy! --Mandy P.

Hi, friends! I'm Jocelyn from the Book Hooker.  It’s quite an honor to be here visiting on Fabric Paper Glue while Mandy’s away. She has always been my hero when it comes to being craftastic (among other things), so I’m proud to be in such good company.

Greek Key Napkin Rings Tutorial

Try This: Greek Key Napkin Rings

So, one of my obsessions is table settings. My mother is known around town for her ridiculous collection of table linens (as in, 75+ pressed tablecloths draped on hangers in her guest bedroom closet), so I think I come by it honestly. Lately I’ve been looking for ways to dress up my table with napkin rings since they can add such a pop of color or flair to an otherwise simple setting.

This DIY is pretty darn simple, and it doesn’t require many materials.

Read on for the full tutorial.

To make these ribbon napkin rings, you’ll need:
Greek Key Napkin Rings Tutorial
Several yards of 7/8-inch-wide Greek key ribbon
Cheap shower curtain rings (these cost $5 at the local big-box shop)
Glue sticks and a hot glue gun (not pictured, because my glue gun is ugly)

To begin, measure out and cut 9 strips of ribbon. Three strips should be 8 ½ inches long; three strips should measure 7 ½ inches; two should measure 6 ½ inches; and one should be cut down to 3 inches. For a less-full bow, feel free to omit the two 6 ½-inch strips.
Greek Key Napkin Rings Tutorial

Once your glue gun is hot and your ribbon is cut, begin creating figure-eight shapes with
the ribbon. Make sure the loops are positioned so that the primary side of the ribbon is
always facing outward. Secure the loose edges together with hot glue.
Greek Key Napkin Rings Tutorial

Continue making these figure-eights with all of your cut ribbons, except for the smallest
piece. With the 3-inch piece, create a circle and secure the ends together with glue.
This will be the center of the bow.

Begin layering your ribbons, using hot glue to attach each new layer. Between the first
and second layers, glue the ribbons to the shower curtain ring like so.
Greek Key Napkin Rings Tutorial
Greek Key Napkin Rings Tutorial

Stagger the layers for evenness. Continue layering the ribbons (from largest to smallest), finally gluing the small loop to the center of the bow. Voila!
Greek Key Napkin Rings Tutorial
Greek Key Napkin Rings Tutorial

Of course you can vary this project as much as you want by varying the size, thickness,
and color of the ribbon you choose. I chose this Greek key pattern because I thought it
would go nicely with my mom’s coral napkins.

Greek Key Napkin Rings Tutorial
Greek Key Napkin Rings Tutorial

Thanks for reading, everyone! And thanks again to Mandy for letting me stop by.

Happy crafting!
Jocelyn (aka, The Book Hooker)

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  1. Editor/teacher by day, crafter/hand model by night...such a great post, Joce!!

  2. Cuuute. I'm starting to consider buying a glue gun thanks to you and Mandy. That would be weird.

    On another note, is that plate Candlewick?

  3. great template! couple of questions, is the ribbon wired? is the like a satin or a heavier weight? Thanks.

  4. great.. i ike this and i want try to create it.
    do ou have some video for it?



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