Halloween in Tokyo

Well, we are back from Tokyo! ...and in the midst of a hurricane.  I've got to say that the incessant raining combined with the jet lag took me out of service for almost 18 hours yesterday.  Apparently, it's a pretty ferocious combination.  Since Halloween is just a day away, I thought I'd share some of the low-tech iPhone pics I captured of the Halloween celebrations we witnessed in Tokyo.

On Saturday, our last night in Japan, we went out in the Roppongi area for dinner and drinks.  Little did we know that we'd be in the midst of one of the most fun Halloween sites I've seen.  People were everywhere donning costumes.  I'll say, they weren't the most clever costumes (sexy nurses, sexy cops, sexy maids, sexy Snow Whites everywhere), but definite points for abundance.  Fun fact:  Friends in groups all dress in the same costume.

Sexy and bloody nurses.  There was also a group of bloody doctors just to their left.
A panda. And a Joker.

Read on to see lots more pics.

Untitled Untitled
People, people everywhere.
A baboon.

Untitled Untitled
Sexy pirates.
Our bartender at Ant 'n Bee - an eyeball.

Untitled Untitled
A sexy Budweiser, of course.
Sexy, er, pirate bunnies?  And a Lego man.

Untitled Untitled
Sexy...flight attendants?
A, um, bloody Gene Simmons? But the tux makes no sense with the persona, so I have no idea.

Untitled Untitled
Look at all those Power Rangers.
More people for miles.

Untitled Untitled
I don't know. A zombie ninja?  And a Chinese, er, lady?
Again, not sure.  Maybe a chicken?

That guy...with the square head and the blinking eyes.

Sexy cops...but my favorite part was this was what I heard (practically in unison): "Japanese.  Japanese.  Japanese.  CALL ME MAYBE!"

Untitled Untitled
Masked man.
This guy could have actually been stabbed for all I know.

iTunes gift cards (most clever costumes I saw).

Super Marios

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  1. This looks like SO much fun - love the iTunes gift cards! I had no idea Halloween was so big in Japan!


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