Try This: Modern Christmas Tree Tutorial

Merry Modern Xmas Tree Tutorial
Try This: Modern Christmas Tree

Alrighty, people.  Thanks has been given, and now we're on the mad dash towards Christmas.  As a DIY blogger, I'm obliged to bring you some Christmas crafting.  I'm going to do something a little modern this year...a merry, modern Christmas if you will.  It seems appropriate that the first project should be a tree, no?  So, let's make a conceptual tree in three easy steps!

Read on for the full tutorial.

Modern Conceptual Xmas Tree Tutorial 024
Materials: 4 Craft Rings of Different Sizes, Bead Line, Ornament(s)

Modern Conceptual Xmas Tree Tutorial 025
Modern Conceptual Xmas Tree Tutorial 026

ONE: First, pick the distance that you want between your ceiling and the bottom ring of the tree.  Cut four pieces of bead string this length or a couple of inches longer.  Then, cut three more sets of four with each set about four to six inches shorter than the preceding set.  Cut one more piece of line six inches shorter than the shortest set of four for your "topper."  Tie the longest set of lines to the biggest ring and so on.   The lines should be about equa-distance apart around each ring.  I secured each of my knots with a drop of tacky glue.

Modern Conceptual Xmas Tree Tutorial 027
TWO: Beginning with the largest ring, gather the ends of the four strings.  Hold the ring off the floor and adjust the length of the strings as necessary so that your ring hangs level with the floor.  Once it's level, tie the ends of the strings together.  Repeat for each ring.

Modern Conceptual Xmas Tree Tutorial 028
THREE: Lay the four rings concentrically with the topper in the middle.  Gather the knotted ends of each set of strings together along with the string tied to the topper ornament.  Hold them all together off the floor.  Adjust their length as necessary to get the rings equa-distance apart.  Tie them all together.  To hang mine, I just threaded a paperclip (sophisticated, I know) through the knot and hung it from a ceiling hook.  Then, decorate as normal.

Modern Conceptual Xmas Tree Tutorial 031

Modern Conceptual Xmas Tree Tutorial 030

Modern Conceptual Xmas Tree Tutorial 032

Modern Conceptual Xmas Tree Tutorial 029

What do you think?  Too modern?

Mandy P
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  1. I love this! It would be beautiful as a holiday mobile over a changing table. I know, I'm always talking about how to make it work for kids! Such is life right now, but kids rooms need good modern design too.

  2. This is fantastic! Any chance you'll be doing a modern Christmas stocking tutorial? I'm itching to make my own and would love to see a stocking DIY from you.

    1. I do have a modern Christmas stocking hanger tutorial in the works, but I should probably make a modern stocking, huh? Sounds right up my alley what with the sewing and all. You've given me something to think on, Heather!

  3. I love how non-traditional this looks! So well done!

  4. This is a lot of fun and really original! Love finding another DC DIYer!

  5. Your "tree" looks great! I like black and gold ornaments too together - very classy!! I've got this linked to my Christmas trees post as well today - it's a roundup!

  6. Oh my goodness, this is so cute. Too modern for the spouse, but not for me! I might try this one out...



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