My Alt Summit Business Cards

Alt Business Cards 1

As I continue to come down from my Alt Summit high, full of vigor and enthusiasm, I thought I'd share with you my business cards for the event.  Unique and creative business cards are like the thing at Alt Summit.  There were many online pics of cards from conferences past, so I knew the bar was high for innovation.  After much contemplation, I ended up the little creation above.

Read on to see how I crafted these little guys.

Alt Business Cards 2
Inspired by my "Try This" tutorial posts, I designed my cards with a blank space ready for a little crafting.  With the help of a glorious, glorious paper punch, I affixed a mini library pocket to each of my 100 cards.

Alt Business Cards 3
Each little pocket was stuffed with a card donning a pic of one of my favorite projects on one side and  a QR code on the opposite linking to the project's tutorial.  Custom QR codes are easily generated by a number of free online services.  I used this one. Yeah, it's a little involved, but true to my site's format and aesthetic, no?

I saw cards that converted to party decorations, cards that were part of pillow boxes full of treats, glassine envelopes with little surprises...just all kinds of clever ideas.  What kind of clever idea would you come up with?

Mandy P
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If you've ever given one of my tutorials or cocktails a try or you've just been inspired by something you've seen here on Fabric Paper Glue, be sure to share a photo. I'd love to feature it!


  1. Mandy! You're cards were amazing - and I was dying to know how you made the tiny pockets :)
    So nice to meet you! xx Jessie

    1. Great to meet you! The secret's out - I cheated. There was no way I would cut out 100 of those things! Glad you like them!

  2. sorry... the last comment posted from my other account - but it's jessie@shopsweetlulu.com

  3. I love your Idea! I'm still looking for some ideas for creative business cards. And yours are the most creative I've seen for a long long time!
    Greets from Germany

    1. Wow, thanks, Lici. I'm so glad I could inspire!

  4. Wow!! Such a fun & creative idea, not that i'd expect anything less :)

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