TGIF + A Short Pinterest Soapbox Speech

@fabricpaperglue on Instagram
@fabricpaperglue on Instagram

I realized this week that, early on, I was neither a discernible nor a responsible pinner.  And I'm paying for that now.  I spent well over two hours trying to clean up just one of the 75 boards that I have on Pinterest, and I didn't even finish! I culled over half of the 200+ pins I had in the board and tried my best to find the original sources for as many of my remaining pins as possible.  I added more meaningful captions instead of the insightful ones that I had used early on (e.g. "/" or ".").  If I couldn't find an original source or something citing the original source for an image, I just deleted it.  This is the part where I get on my soapbox about pinning responsibly and the disdain I feel deep inside as a generator of content for Pinterest when I hear someone refer to something as a "Pinterest recipe" or a "Pinterest project".  I love Pinterest, but despite my track record, I do believe it's a tool that should be used in a more meaningful way.  All the content on Pinterest was created from the toil of someone else, so you know, just think about that.  In the meantime, I'll be logging some serious man hours over the next several months trying to practice what I preach (or just deleting everything and starting all over).

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  1. Thank you Mandy!!! You are so wonderfully sweet!!!

  2. Hi Mandy, just discovered your blog and I think it's fab! Trawling through all your posts! I love this one, though! Snaps to you for using Pinterest properly!! People not crediting pictures correctly and pinning from untraceable links is a big pet peeve of mine! I've just started the process of cleaning my boards, too! Bravo for spreading the message! Bisous from Paris xx


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