An Urban Bookish Balcony

I couldn't be happier that Spring is just around the corner. While the weather has been unseasonably mild and even warm at times, it's been a long winter emotionally, so I'm ready for the sense of renewal and life that comes with the turn of the season. I love the fact that we live in a garden-style condo with courtyards full of grass and trees -- a rarity indeed for a place with such close access to the Metro. However, we have zero outdoor space to call our own -- a reality that's honestly not bothered me much.

 That is, until Home Depot invited me to do their latest Style Challenge in which they give me some stellar patio furniture and I style it in my own space and blog all about it on their site.  Thankfully, my kind friend Jillian is loaning me her balcony space in a high rise in Silver Spring.  I couldn't wait to start looking for inspiration, and here's where I've landed.

Home Depot Style Challenge Inspiration
Urban Balcony - Lonny | Cozy Reading Nook - Lonny | Bold Design - Architectural Digest

I have long pined for a cozy little reading nook (as evidenced by my dedicated Pinterest board), and I think a quant little urban balcony is just the spot for one.  And of course, those big black and white stripes shouldn't shock anyone.  Together, I'm picturing an urban bookish balcony, and I've already started rounding up some of the building blocks.

Home Depot Style Challenge Source Board
Sources: Behr Premium Plus Paint in Grass Green from Home Depot, Adirondack Chair from Home Depot, Waverly Santa Maria Desert Flower Fabric from Fabric.com, B/W Striped Fabric from Fabric.com, Gold Garden Stool from World Market, Oliver Twist Penguin Classic from Amazon, The Picture of Dorian Gray Penguin Classic from Amazon, Black Planter from Home Depot, Gold Planter from Home Depot, Glass Lantern from World Market, B/W Throw from Ikea

What do you think?  How would you put to use a teeny, tiny urban balcony?

Mandy P
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  1. Mandy, welcome back! Just putting it out there that I *also* have an urban balcony. And, it just so happens that it is often used for bookish activities, yet totally lacks an aesthetic theme to indicate this. (Hint, hint, Home Depot -- maximize product placement with another FPG stylin'...?)

  2. Mandy! Thank you!! I unfortunately will not be around when you are there, but I hope to see you soon. Also, I would just like to point out something else to the commenter above: STEP OFF, RANDY! :)

  3. Hey Mandy! Loved your space for last year's Patio Style Challenge and can't wait to see what you've got going on this year! I have a question for you. I bought two of the unfinished Adirondack chairs for my front porch (not for the Patio Style Challenge -- just for myself!), and I was wondering if you painted yours before or after you assembled them. I'm already having anxiety about all those slats... Would love to hear any advice you might have!

    1. Never mind ... I just saw that you recommended painting before putting it together on your Home Depot post. Ignore me!

    2. Haha. Sorry I didn't response quicker! Good luck!


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