Tried That: Pressed Flowers

Tried That - Pressed Flowers

I wanted to create some kind of little momento using some blooms from my mom's funeral.  I figured it was as good a time as any to try my hand at pressing flowers.  After searching around, I landed on a microwave technique that puts to use materials most of us already have around - cardboard, paper towels, printer paper, and rubberbands. I found Modest Maven's tutorial for drying out the flowers the easiest to follow. In the end, I didn't deconstruct them like she did.  I had only taken a few, and I was scared of ruining them.  I'm displaying them between the glass panes of a floating frame.  Now, it has a home on my gallery wall.  I also made a little one for my dad.

Honestly, I still feel a little conflicted about the whole thing.  I mean, yeah, it definitely makes me sad to see these flowers knowing why they ever came into my possession in the first place, but somehow, they also represent so much love and support from so many friends and family.  And I also know how pretty my mom would have thought they were.  I don't know.  I figured I would have nothing to regret by doing it.  If they make me too sad, I can take them down.

Read on for a couple more pictures of them on my gallery wall.

Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers

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  1. Very sweet project. I actually made mini pressed flower frames for a happier occasion...our wedding. I made one for every lady guest to take home. Sorry, guys! :-)

  2. This is such a good idea! It looks beautiful on your wall and that seems like the perfect place for them.

  3. this is a great idea. so sorry for your loss but this is a beautiful way to remember her.


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