Shower Favors: Cinnamon Sugars

Fresh off last weekend's baby shower and on the threshold of that time of year that seems to be full of all types of showers, I have favors on my mind.  Inspired by the season and all the little mini eatables and kitchenwares at World Market, I thought a whole week dedicated to DIY favors was in order!  This week, I'm sharing four adorable favors that will enamor your guests without breaking the bank.  First up, we have mini cinnamon sugars to give your guests something as sweet as they are.

DIY Shower Favors 18

Read on for the how-to and more lovely pics.

All you need for these favors are cute little cork-topped spice jars (similar here), sugar, and cinnamon. Mix the sugar and cinnamon about 3 to 1 right in the jars.  Cork them, and shake them up.
DIY Shower Favors 14

Now, here's the important part.  Print up some tags using lovely (free!) fonts like Antrokas and Caviar Dreams and a circle punch, and tie them on with something pretty like this gold and black twine.

DIY Shower Favors 17
DIY Shower Favors 15
DIY Shower Favors 16
DIY Shower Favors 19
DIY Shower Favors 20

Total Cost: Just over $2 per favor.

Come back tomorrow for more favor inspiration!

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  2. very nice..so sweet!!
    I invite you on my blog .. http://noxcreare.blogspot.it .. let me know what you think .. I'm also a creative!!


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