Shower Favors: Scones

This week, I've put together four little favors to inspire all those shower hostesses out there.  Today's project is inspired by Restaurant Eve, a local Old Town Alexandria favorite we visited on our last anniversary.  For the occasion, they sent us home with a bag of scone mix, and it was such a treat the next morning! Why not give your shower guests the same little treat?

DIY Shower Favors 22

Read on for the how-to and some more lovely photos.

For these, pick up some scone mix like this one, mini whisks, and mini paper bags.

DIY Shower Favors 21

Divide each bag of scone mix among 3 bags for about 4 scones per person.  Make up a set of tags saying thanks and providing the directions for the preparation of the scones (dividing the ingredients by 3, of course).  I used the font Cafe & Brewery for mine.  Fold the bag over, and attach the tag and mini whisk with a piece of twine.

By the way, we tried these scones, and they're ridiculous.  I seriously can't believe all you have to do is add water!

DIY Shower Favors 25
DIY Shower Favors 26
DIY Shower Favors 27
DIY Shower Favors 28

Total Cost: about $2.50 per favor

Come back tomorrow for more favor goodness!

Mandy P
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  1. What a sweet favor idea...and packaging!

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