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Awhile back, I mentioned on Instagram my backlog of quilt projects. I'm not getting through them as quickly as I'd liked, but I am slowly ticking them off my list. Unfortunately, the photos I take of my quilt projects are usually pretty atrocious because I basically wait until some event forces me to get my ass in gear and actually make the quilt (almost always a shower). I'm usually binding right up until the night before, and then I am left to hurriedly snap a few pics (in bad lighting) the morning that I whisk it off to its rightful owner. Excuses, excuses. I want to share them with you nonetheless, so read on for more pics of two of my latest.

First up is the quilt I made for my lovely friend Alison. These fabrics should look familiar from my posts a couple of months back from her shower and the DIY hot air balloons.

Baby McDuffee Quilt 2
Baby McDuffee Quilt 1
Baby McDuffee Quilt 3

Even though baby Marnie is still about a month away, Alison sent me some photos of the finished nursery, and it's about as adorable as they come!

My most recent quilt was a super modern one that I made for my former boss Pete and his wife Robyn. They welcomed their son just this weekend. This might be one of my favorite quilt projects yet. It's got the black and white that I've been so in love with lately. All the seams match. The back is the cutest litte print in an awesome color combination, and the binding...oh, the binding! I just want to eat those little pin dots right up!

Baby Bernardy Quilt 2
Baby Bernardy Quilt 3
Baby Bernardy Quilt 4
Baby Bernardy Quilt 5
Baby Bernardy Quilt 6
Baby Bernardy Quilt 7

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  1. I've been wanting to start quilting myself. I think piecing the tops together would be fun, but I don't think my machine could really handle the actual quilting stitches. I totally forgot about tie quilting!

  2. Bonus question: have you ever used a quilting service in the DC area?

    1. Yes, tie quilting is the best! It gives your machine a break, and I like the more minimalist, handmade effect that it gives to a quilt project.

      On that note, I've never used a quilting service. I just can't bring myself to spend the money. :/


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