Tried That: Linen Romper

Linen Romper 1

Last week, I shared with you one of my first attempts at sewing clothes. I'm back with one more project. I mentioned sometime ago that I was planning on trying to make my own romper. Well, operation romper is complete.

I used this pattern by Salme. After some tweaking -- including nixing the belt loops, reducing the thickness of the elastic waistband by about half, and shortening the shorts (I like short shorts), I am really impressed by how the fit turned out (booty shot to prove it later). However, I am again finding myself sort of regretting my fabric choice. I went with a navy blue linen, and in the end, I'm thinking the color gives off a mechanic vibe. Like a sexy mechanic, maybe? Whatever. Anyway, read on for some more shots.

Pretty proud of these pockets!
Linen Romper 2

Linen Romper 3

Linen Romper 4

Linen Romper 6

Signature 1



  1. Look at you! I love the romper! can I just say you are so good at everything. And the belt looks so perfect with the romper. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. you know, i vowed to never wear a romper (mainly because i look so terrible in them!) but this one looks so good! I really love the idea of tweaking the pattern to fit you, and you look amazing in it!

  3. Great job! I am lovin' the sexy mechanic vibe, but maybe that's just the sexy mechanic in me...

  4. You look adorable Mandy! I love that romper, looks fantastic on you!

  5. This looks great! Most of my sewing projects turn into craft fails... I could see that as the winner of a Project Runway challenge.

  6. Obsessed with this!! As a romper enthusiastic myself, I give it an A+!


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