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Fabric Paper Glue | DIY Lindsey Adelman Chandelier

Like about a 1,000 people before me, I tackled Lindsey Adelman's DIY chandelier project for our living room. Before, the room donned the classic boob light. A new fixture was in order. I wanted something fairly modern but not too invasive, and I was hoping to keep the cost low. Read on for a couple more pics and how I tackled the project.

Back when I ordered all of my supplies, I had to follow the laborious supply list provided on the Lindsey Adelman site, but when I went to find the link to post here, they are now apparently offering a pre-assembled kit of all the supplies needed to take on this project. Lucky you. Not so lucky me.

I have also noted that at the time, the wire for the whole project had to be ordered from a separate site (now, apparently, the wire is also available from Grand Brass). I thought I was smarter than that and tried to buy it from my local big box hardware store. When they didn't have the 18 gauge wire called for, I went with a 16 gauge. No dice, people. This wire is simply much too thick to fit through the little joints and then be wired in the body. I concluded this only after spending about 2 hours putting it together and trying to jam those little wires into submission. I finally sucked it up, ordered the correct gauge, and was able to get this little guy together in about 45 minutes the second time around.

Like others, I hardwired this instead of creating a plug-in fixture as directed. At the suggestion of Katie at Five2Eight, I used my 16 gauge wire for this.

And finally, I used this canopy from Grand Brass. Since it had no holes for actually mounting it, I wasn't actually sure how I was going to get it to stay up there, but the old fixture I took down had a little spring loaded thing for just this kind of thing. Even though it's chrome and not the most seamless solution, it was an easy, fortuitous fix that I was willing to run with.

So, um, yeah. I played with electricity, and so far so good.

Fabric Paper Glue | DIY Lindsey Adelman Chandelier

Fabric Paper Glue | DIY Lindsey Adelman Chandelier

Fabric Paper Glue | Living Room Before and After

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  1. and like many, I also want to try out this chandelier! i just need a home to put it in... it looks so good in your living room, it really does!

  2. I'm surprised the light kits aren't more expensive than they are. I love the design. We built our house with only pot lights, other than ceiling fans in the center of each bedroom. I wish I had a light fixture centered over my dining table because this puppy would be going there!

  3. I love the bulbs you opted to put in. Do you know what size and style they are? They look frosted/opaque and smaller than the ones I see in the DIY instructions. How is the light that comes off the fixture?

    1. Thanks, Kate! They're 2-1/8 in. frosted white Edison bulbs also from Grand Brass (where all the other parts are from). They're the same size as the ones in the instructions, but frosted instead of clear. I was afraid the light from the clear ones would be too harsh. These bulbs are definitely more diffused and give off tons of light without being blinding. I hope this helps!


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