My Loud, Laid Back Patio: A Plan

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This time last year, I was planning an urban bookish balcony for my friend Jillian as part of the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge. I'm so happy to be participating again this year and even happier that I get to be planning out my own patio! Condo living can suck it right about now. I'm dubbing this year's vision "my loud, laid back patio."

Backyard Before

I snapped this pic back in June before we'd even bought the place, but as you can see, the deck is in need of a little maintenance but is otherwise a blank slate. We love ourselves some outdoor entertaining, so I want to turn this space into a great little laid back entertaining space. But keeping it true to my form, I want it splashed with loud colors and a mixture of bold patterns.

The transformation will be taking place over the next few weeks, and it won't be without its challenges. First off, we're undertaking some pretty big (but not very sexy) exterior renovations in the next few weeks (i.e. replacing the original windows and repairing and painting the extremely damaged stucco). There's also the fairly unsexy maintenance that needs to be done on the deck itself (ahem - may I have some stairs, please?). There's also the complete and utter lack of landscaping in our backyard. The patio of my dreams would have a beautiful pergola with climbing vines surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. I'm just going to have to cheat it for now with some potted plants. Despite some of these circumstantial challenges, I've started gathering the pieces, ordering my fabrics, and dreaming up DIYs. I can't wait to see how this turns out. Fingers crossed that I pull this sucker off.

To see the full roster of this year's participants, check out the Home Depot blog.
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  1. yay! can't wait to see the what you do with this amazing blank slate :)

  2. So excited-- those patterns have my drooling!

  3. Im so excited to see your space!! I just know its gonna be gooooood:)

  4. yay! new projects are the best and can't wait to see what happens next.


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