Summer Uniform: A-Line Midis

A-Line Midi Skirts

It seems like every Summer, I adopt some kind of "uniform" - a certain type of outfit that I find myself wearing constantly throughout the hot months. In some years, it's been strappy, loose fitting sundresses. In others, simple tanks and shorts. I know Spring has really only just arrived, but I feel pretty confident that I know what this year's uniform will be -- A-line midi skirts. I'm a short girl, so I never anticipated that this would be a length of skirt that I could pull off, but after trying out a few, I've found that the key is finding one that hits right below my knee cap and wearing it high with a blousey, tucked-in tank. I've rounded up some of my favorite A-line midis today, and tomorrow, I'm sharing a DIY accessory perfect for my new uniform.

What do you think? Do you like mid-length skirts?

Top to bottom, left to right: white full midi, yellow belted midi, yellow pleated midi, polka dot pleated midi, white cut-out midi, abstract midi, white shear midi, floral midi

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  1. These are delightful! With a pair of tights, these skirts are my year-round uniform.

    Petite ladies can definitely adapt these. I'm not so tall myself, but I've been told that I "look taller online". Which is kinda funny.


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