DIY Bench for Design*Sponge

Brushstroke Bench

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been in New Orleans for the last several days. This was my first real getaway since we moved back to Nashville in September, and now that I work from home, man, I really needed to escape. It was good for my creative sensibilities. I'm back now, and in case you missed it, I was on Design*Sponge last week sharing a tutorial for the latest addition to my bedroom -- a custom-painted brushstroke upholstered bench. Go check out the full tutorial here.

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  1. The bench is great! I've been painting on fabric lately too! :)

  2. I used your idea to make a rockin' new coffee table/ottoman. Thank you so much for the great directions and plans. It turned out so beautifully!

    1. That's awesome! I'm so glad that I could inspire you!

    2. If you want to see what I did, you can on my Instagram account: Shabbydiva28. I think I got the most FB compliments on it of anything I have ever posted! That rocked my world!


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