Working from Home Comfortably

New Glasses
Firmoo.com gave me a free pair of glasses.

I'm now on month seven of my adventure in working from home, and it took me some serious time to figure out how to do it comfortably...like physically comfortable. Let's take a look back in time at my initial office set-up: knock-off Eames Eiffel chair, straight-up laptop, and a point-blank view of my beautiful wallpaper. This was a formula for months of back and eye pain.

Since that time, I've slowly made several key changes that have made all the difference. First was a chair upgrade. Next, I pivoted my desk so that I wasn't, you know, staring at the wall. I made some small changes to the height of the desk, and then, I got a platform and external keyboard for my laptop so that my screen is at eye level. Finally, I got myself some sweet new glasses from Firmoo.

New Glasses

I picked out this pair because I wanted a little color. While Firmoo doesn't offer the home try-on that many of its online competitors do, you certainly can't beat the prices, and the choice is pretty incredible. After ordering them, they arrived just a week later complete with a hard case, a cleaning cloth, and a keychain repair tool. All around, I'm pretty impressed with my experience, and the glasses are doing just the trick to give my eyes a little break when staring at a computer screen all day.

New Glasses

Do any of you work-from-homers out there have any other tips for making it easier and/or more comfortable to work from home? I'm all ears!

Disclosure: Firmoo.com provided me with a free pair of glasses. All opinions are my own.

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  1. LOVE the glasses. Simple, but with a pop of color. Perfect.

  2. such a pretty work space Mandy:) oh, and love the glasses AND that wallpaper!

  3. ONG i need a space like that, i'm starting on this working from home thing too.


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