House Tweaks: Living Room Record Station

LP Vignette

In my first iteration of our living room, I had grand hopes of keeping a large plant alive...you know, because the blogosphere had somehow convinced me that I could. I'm embarrassed by how quickly I killed the thing. Around the time we bid adieu to it, Michael decided to take up LPs. In short order, he'd inherited his dad's LP collection, and we were in need of a home for this new hobby. Read on for more.

LP Vignette

I'd thought on some clever ideas for storing them, but at the end of the day, the good ole Ikea Expedit (now Kallax) was the easiest, cheapest option. It's also the perfect spot to actually house the record player and a few smaller plants (that I have indeed kept alive), so we were sold.

LP Vignette
LP Vignette

Above the new DJ station is a poster from last year's Americanarama on June 30th. It was not only Michael's birthday but also the day our offer got accepted for the house. I found the frame at a local thrift store hoping it might fit. I gave the formerly mauve and sea foam double mats a couple of coats of flat white wall paint, and wouldn't you know, the thing fit like a charm! And this, my friends, is how you live with a man.
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  1. I love the poster and framing! And that was even before I knew it had sentimental value.

  2. The expedit saves the day again! I use one for my records too. Jealous of the poster and the concert!

  3. Love how everything looked so cozy and great together! :) Love the idea of having a record station.

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