My friends can now commence procreating...

I finished my first quilt, and because I am now capable of creating a gift that can be cherished a lifetime, my friends are now allowed to begin having kids.

Anyway, I found a very easy pattern for a "Rail Fence" quilt, which is a nice beginner's quilt. I used beautiful fabrics from Anna Maria Horner, who is my favorite fabric designer and just so happens to live in Nashville. In the end, the fabric choices may have produced a quilt that is a bit loud. I might try to tone down the next one. All in all, it took me about a month. All machine sewing...no hand sewing except for the binding. I may have broken my back in the process. Our 600 square foot condo is just not a an ideal workspace. The quilt takes up the entirety of our free floor space, and my sewing machine is propped up on a stack of law books on the coffee table. It's still too short, and I'm forced to bend over quite a bit when I sew. One day I will have the craft room of my dreams, but until then, I will make do.

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