Condo Before & Afters

Not only am I crafty, I am also quite handy. Growing up, my parents had quite a few rental properties, on which my dad did all of the handy work--painting, flooring, plumbing, electrical...everything! I spent a lot of summers watching him do this stuff, so I like to think I picked up a lot from these experiences. Or at least a healthy belief than most things can be done yourself. I also watch a ridiculous amount of HGTV. Seriously. I'm watching it right now.

So when Michael and I started looking at condos, I was really able to see that most things could be improved with not all that much work and money. We got our condo in September of 2007. We had to give our apartment 2 months notice before moving out, so nearly every night for 2 months, I would come to the new place to improve all that was in my power to improve.

Living Room - BEFORE & AFTER

Bedroom - BEFORE & AFTER

Kitchen - BEFORE & AFTER

There's so much more I'd like to do. For example, the kitchen really doesn't photograph well. I blame it on the flourescent lights, which I'd like to replace with track lighting, and the oven-stovetop-dishwasher combo monstrosity, which must be replaced. Finally, cream countertops clearly do not go with white cabinets. Changes have also been made to the bathroom, but I recently repainted it and haven't photographed those changes. Unfortunately, Michael's tolerance for a constantly evolving home is pretty low, but usually I can convince him.

I'd also like to note that most people might not be comfortable with the level of color that we live in, but I like it.


  1. One - creeped out that I can see your bed.

    Two - can you come and redo floors and craftify my apartment for me? Um, seriously? I'm ridiculously impressed. Didn't realize the "before" was what it was when I saw the "after" in person...


  2. did you paint the cabinets yourself?! i cant tell that the color of the counter-tops are much different... looks great!

  3. great job! i am highly impressed with the updates! was painting the cabinets hard? i am about to stain ours darker, they are that 70s mid-colored weird wood.


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