Pop Pet Paintings

This Christmas, I relied heavily on my crafting skills for gifts, especially for my brother Heath and his wife Cholle because I knew they would appreciate my creativity more than anyone else. Heath & Cholle recently bought their first home, and I really wanted to create something as kind of a housewarming-type gift. Cholle works at an animal shelter and is in love with all little furry creatures, and both of them love, love, love their pets. Cholle takes beautiful pictures and has many great ones of their 2 cats and 2 dogs, so I thought maybe I could take those and turn them into something of my own.

At first, I intended to make silhouette paintings of each pet mostly because I knew it would be simple but pretty cool at the same time. Unfortunately, these pets are squirmers and taking profile pictures of them proved to be pretty impossible for Cholle. So I proceeded with photos that Cholle already had posted on MySpace:



I saved the photos to my computer, opened them in Paint, and began painting over the picture with appropriate colors. It was really time consuming, and I'm sure there are fancy programs out there that would do this for you automatically. Unfortunately, I do not have these programs, so I have to do old school. After that was complete, I printed them off. In transferring the picture to the canvases, I shaded a piece of paper with pencil to make my own graphite transfer paper (again, this can be bought, but I am old school) and traced my printed off pictures using my transfer paper. With that, all that was left to do was essentially a paint by number. Easy, right?

I can't say I'm completely pleased with Phinneous. In fact, I painted him twice using two different pictures, but I blame it on Phinneous. He's just not a photogenic cat. Cholle's favorite was Tiberius.


  1. i blame it on phin as well. he won't let me take a decent photo no matter how i bribe him.

    i love them, mandy. they're on our livingroom wall and have already been complimented several times by everyone that has come over. they join my favorite red tea kettle as best christmas gifts ever.

  2. mandy, seriously. you could sell these. I was browsing michaels one day and happened upon two watercolors that were nearly identical to my two feline babies. even the poses were the exact way each of my kitties sleeps. so, naturally I purchased them, framed them, and they are now hanging in one of my two spare bedrooms. While I like them, they cant even compare to the artistry and contemporary look of what you've done. And these pics are the real pet! im so impressed, and a little jealous!

  3. i like the skinny cat the best for some reason. i never knew you were so artsy and crafty girl!


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