Wall Mural

Crafting these days has really slowed down as my job has picked up and I spend 6 days a week training for a 10-mile run. Consequently, I'm going to start this craft blogging venture off with covering some of my completed projects beginning with my wall mural, which I completed last summer.

We have a pretty large, awkward wall that just didn't seem to look right no matter what I hung on it. I saw an episode of "Rate My Space" on HGTV where they'd painted this large mural on a massive wall over which they hung lots of different artwork. They explained that the large mural unified the artwork that otherwise might look jumbled together. So I figured maybe I could replicate this on our wall. In the end, we've just ended up with the mural because Michael thinks it will look too busy with anything else on there, and I think I agree.

Anyway, I just Google Image-searched "swirls" which generated quite a few usable swirl patterns from Photoshop (which is well beyond my means). I printed one off that I liked and sketched out a draft using my print-out as an example. From there, I wanted to ensure that I was actually capable of painting something so detailed, so I bought a small canvas, sketched it out, and painted it. It turned out well, and I proceeded by sketching it out on the wall. I really should have gridded it out first, because all the proportions from the small sketch weren't exactly replicated on the wall but not really a big deal in the end. So I painted a different color each night after work:

Day 1: Yellow

Day 2: Blue

Day 3: Green

Day 4: Red


I'm really satisfied with the way it ended up. Clearly, it's not everyone's style, but I think it adds a little something beyond just hanging another picture.


  1. I just followed your link over from Apartment Therapy. I love what you've done with this wall.

  2. amazing. I also found you from apartment therapy. I love it!!!!!!

  3. coming years late to the party...
    I used to paint murals (and whatever else people wanted) for a living. Most people were SO afraid of paint, when in reality if they would just give it a try, it's just paint. This is by and large of of the best things I've seen on someone's wall. Well done!


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