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After a couple of weeks of furious crafting and prolific blogging, things have slowed up around here mostly because I've been so busy with all the other parts of my life.  Michael had some family in town last weekend, and work has been super busy.  This has left little time for projects.  I did, however, find a bit of time to draw up a little floor plan of our place on floorplanner.com.  The folks over at Young House Love had made ones of their home.  It seemed like just the kind of thing that I find interesting, so I made my own (you can create 1 plan for free).  

Obviously, our place is tiny...just a tidge over 600 square feet.  I've noticed that square feet don't seem to matter to people who tend to live in lower-density, more affordable areas, but I've become acutely aware of them since moving to DC.  When I first moved here, I lived in a 500 square foot efficiency that cost me $925 a month...I'll give folks who are unfamiliar with DC housing prices a chance to pick their jaws up off the floor.  Seriously though, since that time, I have learned that I was getting a pretty great deal, and of course, that was 4 years ago, so prices are even higher now.  

Living in a small space definitely has its advantages.  For one, our carbon footprint is necessarily smaller simply by virtue of having a smaller space to light, heat, cool, etc.  Additionally, it really keeps our accumulation of things in check.  There's very little space to store anything, so we just don't accumulate it.  When I buy new things, I give old ones away.  

On a slightly related note, Michael and I are seriously considering the purchase of a sleeper sofa in anticipation of house guests in the coming months. With the budget we're working with, this MÃ…NSTAD sofa from IKEA is the lead (and only) candidate.  


  1. any way to knock down those walls separating the hallway that is the kitchen and the living space? I'm sure you've thought of this already....I just think it would be so cool. and hey, atleast you've got "storage". oh wait, i guess that's your closet too eh?

  2. oh we totally have this couch. it super comfortable. and the storage under the chaise is an added bonus.

  3. i have been wanting to do the floorplanner thing too! for some strange reason i have always been a fan of small spaces (when i was little my fav place to play was in the cabinets), so i sometimes wish we had a tiny city apartment! weird i know! and the sofa is cute.


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