It's a Tie!

I found a bit of time last week to try out a sewing project that may ultimately be part of the groomsmen gifts.  I have asked that all of Michael's groomsmen wear grey suits and white shirts.  Because I've not been prescriptive about what color suit, what cut, etc., Michael and I had thrown around the idea of getting them matching ties so that there would be at least a little continuity.  After finding this tutorial on Purl Bee for making a men's necktie, I thought that it could be pretty cool if I made them all ties from one of the fabrics I'm using elsewhere.  At this point, nearly all of the fabric I have ordered for the wedding has been spoken for, so I tried my hand at making a little prototype from another fabric from my stash.

Making a necktie sounds both crazy and intimidating, but it was actually super easy, and I think that it turned out pretty great, if a little stiff.  The tutorial calls for fusible interfacing and heavy interfacing.  Because I'm working with cotton, I had left out the heavy interfacing, but I think that in moving forward on this project I'll also go for an even lighter weight fusible interfacing. 

In other exciting news, I was able to drag Michael to Target yesterday to complete our registry and while there was able to check another thing off my to-do list.  I have been on the look-out for cheap, colorful servingware for the wedding.  I figured that as soon as Spring/Summer stuff started coming out, I'd hit the jackpot...and I was completely right.  While at Target, I found the motherload in the bargain bin area.  I was able to pick up some large bowls for a buck a piece and several serving trays and ice buckets for $2.50.  Michael was pretty disturbed by how excited I was about this find, but they're so pretty...


  1. I can't believe you made a necktie! This is going to be a really cool wedding!

  2. dollar bin at Target...what a great thrifty idea!! i love reading your blog.

  3. Oh my goodness, I loveeee the fabric used for the ties. Seriously, I want a whole bucket of it. And I love Michael's expression whilst in the limelight (:


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