Commitment & Accountability

Yesterday, I took a swing by Goodwill committed to finally buying a chair to paint and reupholster, and I am happy to report that Goodwill did not fail me.  I ended up buying one that I'd seen there and loved several months ago but at the time hadn't yet built up the courage to actually commit myself to the task.  I also thought it was a bit pricey, but yesterday, I was determined to buy it--even at $30.  I was in luck, though. All of the furniture was 50% off.  So fortuitous that it must have been meant to be! 

Here she is...  

Aren't those lines nice?

And I already have a home for it!

Not only have I committed myself to this project by buying the chair, I've created accountability by posting it here!  So, stay tuned...

I also came across a couple of other treasures while at Goodwill.  I picked up a nice mirror that I plan to paint white as I'm not digging the shabby-chic treatment on it now.

And I grabbed a couple of $.59 mugs for a future project that's already stewing in my head.

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  1. cant wait to see it all! esp the chair, i need to take the plunge and try it out.


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