Project Baby Quilts - Part 3

While about 24" or so of snow was piling up outside...

...I was undertaking my absolute favorite part of quilting...BINDING! Yeah, that's right, I'm excited about binding. I absolutely love bias tape.

I think I first became obsessed with bias tape a few summers ago when Martha Stewart Living featured several projects using bias tape. You can really make projects special by using a little bias tape to finish off the edges, and because it covers unfinished edges, it ends up looking pretty professional too.

Back then, making my own bias tape seemed too daunting, but I soon learned that it's really quite easy and totally worth it both in terms of cost and outcome. Making your own bias tape is so much cheaper than buying the little packages in the sewing store, and when you make it yourself, you can use whatever color or pattern your heart desires.

There are two ways to make bias tape, each of which can be found here and here. I personally prefer the former method because it doesn't require a large piece of uncut fabric. You can use scrap fabric and better control how much tape you're actually making. If you're planning on making a whole lot of double fold bias tape, one of these little guys makes your life infinately easier.

I've been making TONS of bias tape over the last few months...I've literally turned like 5 yards of fabric into bias tape--as it's a key feature of a key project that I've been working on for the wedding. Here's a sneak peek:

But on to the subject at hand...quilt binding. To make a long story short, I made two different bias tapes--one for each of the two baby quilts I've been working on.

Hand-sewing the quilt binding is my favorite part of the entire process. I find it so incredibly relaxing...especially when it's a small project like a baby quilt. I can perch up wherever I like and just stitch away at my own pace. Seeing your progress as the finishing touch gets put on the quilt is just so freakin' satisfying! Not to get too creepy, but it's just about the best feeling in the world. I think other quilters would understand (right?).

Such beautiful, finished, bound edges. Ahhh.


  1. 1. The snow is beautiful.

    2. I dont like teases... what project is it for the wedding! I need more wedding planning details on this blog, I am just sayin.

  2. Is this a new blog? It showed up in my Buzz, but not in google reader...

    Did you find deals on the AMH fabric? I like the fun circles!


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