Project Baby Quilts - Part 4

We're headed into Snow Day #3 now (with as many as 20 more inches on the way tonight and tomorrow), and my quilts are finished and out the door.

Quilt #1
Quilt #2

Just for kicks, I'd like to introduce you to my assistant, Pete. He's actually no help at all and notoriously in the way, but he's just so darn cute.

Finally, it's finding a steal like these in the clearance section of DSW that makes a snow day totally worth it! I have absolutely no idea when and where I will wear them, but for $22, I think I'm in love.


  1. they are cute! I like the 2nd quilt the best, is it the one going to olivia?

    and pete is a cutie! loks like he is doing a fantastic job of keeping that fabric put!hehe!

  2. So, you get boat loads of snow and head to DSW for open-toed sandals!! That's why we're friends.

  3. i loved getting a glimpse into your quilt process... thanks for sharing! i have to get my act together and make a quilt soon! isn't heather bailey's nicey jane wonderfully delicious?!?! you have inspired me to just dive into a quilt muy pronto!


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